Q: where'd the name come from?

A: 6869 is actually the hexadecimal equivalent of 'hi', so I'm basically just saying hi by using this name! also, I was dead out of ideas.

Q: what sort of coding stuff do you do?

A: I used to work with Java UIs, but I've mostly been working on python scripts and php website backends. also, I have a few large Unity projects which use a lot of c# code.

Q: do you play any games?

A: yeah, I really like Factorio, Rocket League, and Hacknet, as well as Ball Run and Cruze.

Q: have you publicly released any of your projects, or do you have any intentions to do so?

A: any projects I've decided to release or plan to release can be found on my projects page, unless they're just ideas which I haven't built upon.

Q: where can I find the source code for the projects you've released?

A: if the code can't be found on the my projects page, I either don't plan to release it or am working on preparing it (adding comments, etc.)

Q: how can I contact you?

A: you can email me: mrericcoolnessreed(at)gmail.com. I'm still working on a mail server.